#ColorForAll Project

Branding & Experience


Valspar paint company focused on the nearly 300 million in the world who see life in a muted palette – the colorblind. Partnering with EnChroma via optical technology, Valspar made it possible for the colorblind to see color for the first time. Anchored by a moving documentary, Color for the Colorblind, a global conversation was ignited. The campaign shares personal stories from colorblind individuals and their reactions to experiencing the full spectrum of color for the first time in their life.


  • The first month the campaign had over 800 million media impressions and the EnChroma glasses sold out.
  • Secured a print ad in House Beautiful magazine.
  • The 300 million colorblind in the world now have the opportunity to see color for the first time
  • The film also made YouTube's Most Watched Videos for March 2015

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