Meow Mix

Reintroduced the iconic Meow Mix jingle to the world via social media

Branding & Experience


Truth is, people are obsessed with watching and sharing cat videos. (Over 1,000,000 cat videos are viewed each day!) Our promotion reminded consumers why Meow Mix is the food that "cats ask for by name” at mealtime by letting them create a video starring their own cat singing the irresistible Meow Mix jingle (he already knows the words, right?). The app lived on Facebook and scored some impressive numbers for time spent engaging with the app and repeat visits.


  • Exceeded benchmarks for application usage, submissions and engagement
  • Average time spent with the app was over 13 minutes
  • Over 12,000 unique visitors and over 4,000 return visitors
  • Consumers came back to the app an average of 3.19 times
  • Over 5,000 total submissions

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