Jack Daniel’s

Honey Global Launch

New Product Launch / Promotional Activation


Brown Foreman tapped FCB/RED to help them define a global purpose in a high-competitive spirits category. Jack Honey was looking for a new identity and a bold campaign to introduce the brand to new markets globally and unify communications to accelerate growth. 


Inspired by the product’s smooth, sweet taste, a new campaign “Big Strong Hello” as born, providing a friendly introduction to whiskey through an open invitation that’s warm, welcoming yet, unmistakably Jack. 


The campaign provided Brown-Forman marketers around the world with through-the-line assets and tools to activate Jack Honey in locally-relevant, and scalable ways. The campaign was adopted by 24_ global markets and accelerate the growth of Jack Honey by 9.2% on average, recruiting new whiskey drinkers like never before. 

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