Xfinity Retail Transformation

Shopper / Retail Marketing


The largest cable and Internet provider in the U.S had been battling one of the lowest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. Xfinity stores were mainly transactional service centers, and 80% of visits consisted of paying, complaining or dropping off a box -- not for browsing or shopping.


FCB/RED and Chute Gerdeman set out to transform Xfinity stores from functional service centers with low satisfaction ratings to inspired shopping destinations people love.   


Through science and art of store reinvention, we transformed our product categories from functional services to inspired shopping experiences. Our reimagined stores invite shoppers to discover how technology can make their life simpler and better. We transformed ourselves into engaging hosts and used storytelling to help people discover all the possibilities our solutions provide. The new experience nearly tripled net promoter scores, improved brand perceptions, increased positive store visits and converted more sales.

The Xfinity Retail Transformation won a Silver Shopper Marketing Effie and was a winner at Retail Design Institute's International Design Competition.

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