Grew the world’s largest brand at the world’s largest retailer

Shopper / Retail Marketing


Surprisingly, many moms have no idea what they will be serving for dinner until right before the dinner hour. Coca-Cola created an opportunity with Effortless Meals, quick and easy meal solutions that had moms rethinking the Walmart deli and buying a lot more Coke.


  • Secured an unprecedented  3-year partnership for Effortless Meals
  • 11,000 incremental points of distribution improved visibility for Coca-Cola's portfolio of beverages
  • Eclipsed Coca-Cola sales targets by 160%
  • Basket incidence of Effortless Meal bundles increased 66.0% over prior year for Coke & Pizza and 112.7% for Coke, Chips and a Sandwich
  • Multiple Effie and REGGIE winner

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