Grew the world’s largest brand at the world’s largest retailer

Shopper / Retail Marketing


Coca-Cola and Walmart found a meal platform opportunity that's just as repeatable as it is big. Research tells us that when you pair Coca-Cola with food, purchase intent goes up over 18%. Before Effortless Meals, Walmart shoppers never considered the Walmart Deli for easy meal solutions. The program has been so successful, we've been able to reimagine it for different retailers with different shoppers. 


  • Secured an unprecedented 3-year partnership for Effortless Meals
  • 11,000 incremental points of distribution improved visibility for Coca-Cola's portfolio of beverages
  • Eclipsed Coca-Cola sales targets by 160%
  • Basket incidence of Effortless Meal bundles increased 66.0% over prior year for Coke & Pizza and 112.7% for Coke, Chips and a Sandwich
  • Multiple Effie and REGGIE winner

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